Summer service toolkits for you!

So this week our friends at Adventures in Odyssey have the major hook up going on for families that are called to serve their community.

As a reward for a lucky family, we have the first three books from the Imagination Station ready to giveaway (lucky dog!) have you entered to win yet? Your chances of winning are still really sweet! Check out the details for that here

But wait, there's more!

So today we're talking about the summer service toolkit that AIO has put together. I almost overlooked this little nugget and threw it in the tail end of a different post as a little blurb. But then I looked at it.

A little blurb would not do this puppy justice, so it gets it's own post.

So this FREE resource is chocked full of stories, activities and lessons that all center around service. I honestly can't believe they're giving this away. Go print one out for your kids before they realize they should be charging us for this goodness. Here's the link - Summer Service Toolkit

I made a screen grab of the top half of the table of contents just so you could get a little peek-see of this serious goodness. Just incase you aren't already
sold :)

So hey, did you enter the giveaway for the Imagination Station books yet? Well, what are you waiting for?? I want to give you something good already!! Leave me a comment about how your family has served or is planning to serve this summer. Get to it already!

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