A call to service - giveaway from Adventures in Odyssey

So how is everyone doing in their acts of services so far this summer? Anyone have any service opportunities they'd like to share with us?

So if you haven't already heard, this summer my kids and I are doing this really fantastic service program through Focus on the Family. Last month's theme was Discover. You can read about the the joy your children will discover when they choose to serve here. (And be sure to check out all the fantastic freebies from our friends at Adventures in Odyssey)

This month's theme is imagination! Tomorrow we'll discuss the benefits of using your imagination and creativity as you serve.

But today I'd just like to make an announcement. A shout for joy and tap dance across the stage kind of announcement. I've had such a hard time keeping this one secret.


M'kay. Here goes.

My beautiful and gracious friends at Adventures in Odyssey have given me not 1, not 2 but 3(!!!) books to give away. Killer right??


I have the first three books from the AIO Imagination Station series to give away to one lucky reader. We've read them, we loved them. We tap dance every time they give us the heads up that another one has come out.

I'm not the type of blogger who's giveaways come with a catch. You don't have to like my facebook fanpage to qualify (but you could if you'd like! Hello unabashed plea for new friends.)

The only thing you have to do to qualify is leave me a happy little comment about the creative ways you and your family have served your community (or are planning to serve) this summer.

Want to more know about these books? Check out our thoughts on Voyage with the Vikings, Attack at the Arena, and Peril in the Palace.


Julie said...

Fun! My husband loved Adventures in Odyssey as a kid, so I hope my son will too. We are living at The Ronald McDonald House this summer while my daughter is in an intensive feeding program. While she is in therapy, my son and I are spending some of our time doing projects around RMH (sorting soda tabs, cleaning the playroom, helping to set up activities, etc.) I'm also writing thank you notes to the corporate sponsors while I'm waiting for my daughter at the hospital. My son loves RMH and he actually came up with some of the ways we could help out!

Meryl van der Merwe said...

We won't be around most of the summer, but tomorrow my daughter is teaching 2 science electives at an inner city summer program. She does this once a month during the school year too. She will just have more kids to teach tomorrow and a bigger age range.Unfortunately that will be the extent for us.

Cathy said...

my kids started out doing community service as part of their payment to our urban ministry's summer camp, but now they are just willing to do it because it's helpful. Whether it's painting or planting flowers or cleanup, we will love our neighbors by making the community better.

gappetitt said...

My family served my flood. friend her husband went to. Ohio by West Virginia beacause mom died. As Joe and his dad was doing funeral arrangements the was struck by 18 wheelers not once but twice. My friends husands dad died.and dog..But Joe survived with internal bleeding, broken ribs,.broken sterum, and.fractured pelvis and ball and so let. Needless to.say he is in a pickle. my friend had to leave suddenlyly to be with her husb in socket broke and.at that time.did not know the serious of her husband. she left her children in the care of her 80 year old.mom one was at.camp small church camp of like family. The other little boy is 7 now of the charts autistic. so our family was one of the families who took food in for grandmal and littlest one. Gave bath, fed dog, fed chickens, moved chickens, watered garden, picked berries and got.eggs, mowed grass and weed eated for her so she could be with her. husband who was lying in hospital 13 hrs away. What privilege it is to have boys who know we drop everything to help where needed. we was li ing an hr and half way from.where they live. we headed home that 2 days later to be there but in the meal while got.meals and people set up to come the whole time she is gone...Blessings AnneP

gappetitt said...

on phone typing... served a friend and her family. broke of ball and socket..pelvis hip area. her 80 year old mother had already fell down stairs..before friend left. husband Job has us living hour and half from our real house...close to friend. had to come home to help. maybe that makes more since?

Nicki Veenstra said...

VBS programs, mowing for friends and neighbors, helping wherever we stumble upon the need. I hope to share many more adventures in giving with my crew before summer is over. Nothing feels better than being a helping hand. :0)

SaraJ.B. said...

Food drive with cub scouts tonight at the mud hens game! :)

Tanya said...

We've been working with our littles for several months now at noticing needs...holding doors, offering to help with groceries, bringing in neighbour's garbage cans etc. So good to teach them to look outside of themselves and see where they can help. Thank you so much for the lovely giveaway!

Roman Gaines said...

My kids and I will be participating in a 5k walk to raise money for the drilling of wells in India. We have already walked one this summer raising money for pediatric brain cancer research.

Stacy said...

The kids and I all picked up garbage along the ditch on our road.


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