Between the lines...

With as many secrets as I’ve shared with you people, I feel like you, my loyal readers, know me better than most people I see on a daily basis. Those people who are just a little too whatever to invest their time in reading what I write.

But do you really know me?

I’m all about sharing my deep inner workings with you, but past my deep crazy love for Jesus, and my floundering attempts to parent with grace, I don’t know that you really know me.

So you can call it a fluff post if you want, but here are 5 things you probably didn’t know about me when you woke up this morning.

My middle name is Rachel. I really like that name. I don’t know why I didn’t consider passing that name on to one of my babies. Maybe I’ll get a grandbaby with that name. In 20 years.

I hate watching movies. And generally all tv with plot lines, except MacGyver. My idea of watching tv is pulling up some old 80’s sitcom on Netflix to listen to while I’m tap-tappin away on the keyboard, or if I need a nap. TV isn’t for watching. It’s for listening to.

I don’t like cooking. Or eating. Weird. I know. Food in general bores me. I’d rather be reading. Which I usually am when I sit down with a plate of food – because sometimes my belly does insist that I pay attention to it whether I want to or not.

I secretly have an extremely rebellious heart. I might be the picture of a people pleaser, but I secretly breathe fire at people who try tell me what to do. Which is probably why I’ve never sought professional employment. And I home school. And I refuse to live in a neighborhood with an HOA. Ain’t nobody but Jesus gonna tell me what color to paint my shed. Sorry.

I’m crazy insecure about the photos I take. Like way more insecure about the images I share than any of the words I’ve ever send out. Which is totally weird because I want my words to be my legacy, and the pics are just a fun filler. Go figure.

So now you know. Did you gather any of those tidbits as you read between the lines of my quirkiness? I’d love to know you more, so share something about yourself with me in the comment section.


Masserant said...

Love this all except for the fact that you say food is boring?? If only I could say that! As social as I appear I could stay home and love it everyday I am a secret hermit who does not get to practice it!!

Aleta said...

I don't like cooking either, but I do like to eat (chocolate is a weakness).

Pretty middle name! My middle name is Gay. My mother's name was Eleanor Gay and she always goes by "Gay" - which means "Happy" by the way. She named me Aleta Gay and I always said if I had a girl, I'd pass along the middle name too.

Pearl said...

someone else who isn't a fan of movie. wonderful. how rare it is.

it surprises people that I don't like eating either. I have a food blog but it isn't because I like food but I've got to find a path of food that isn't disgusting.


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