The cry of the orphan

It's Adoption Awarness month and we've decided to devote an entire week to remembering those sweet little ones who are the victim of other peoples mistakes. Yesterday I shared a bit about what these youngsters can expect as they age out of the system, and what probably would have happened to little Max if we hadn't spoken for him.

Today we have a few resources to share with you. There are a million ways to care for the orphans across our planet, and it all begins with education. So click through some of these links, see what pops out at you, and pray about what you can do to help these youngsters out...

Orphan advocacy websites
Cry of the Orphan
Orphan Hope International

And here's a cute video that I think you'll like... which will hopefully work... technology and I are tight like that.

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Julie Maloney said...

This is wonderful. I love it!


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