The orphan epidemic

Imagine being born into a world where no one wants you. Where you are not only homeless, but without a family as well. Most of can empathize, but will never fully understand this reality, the reality that plagues as many as 140 million children on our planet.

Many many of these kids receive a somewhat decent upbringing in foster care homes or orphanages. Praise God for that. But. Each year 14 million of  these unwanted children age out of the system.These teens generally have no real support network or resources to build their new lives around. Human trafficking, jail, suicide. These are the realities that await for each one of those 140 million citizens of our planet.

As many as 60% of these girls become prostitutes and 70% of the boys become hardened criminals. 

10% – 15% of these children commit suicide in the first two years after being released from the system.. 

This is a reality that I am really not ok with. And I want you to be not ok with it either.

Many of you have met my son Max. He's just the cutest little thing with sparkling blue eyes and adorable tendency drive people a little batty with his incessant chatter. If we had not spoken for him, he would  never have made it to his 20th birthday.

Adoption can be hard. I ain't about to lie about that. It's HARD y'all. Lengthy legal processes can wear down even the most persistent would-be parent. While raising a child with a traumatic social history can bring the best parents to their knees. 


My son is no longer a statistic. He's a boy. The way God wanted it to be all along.

This week we're doing an advocacy push to celebrate National Adoption Awareness month. I have all sorts of resources and information waiting in the wings to toss out at you.

But before you go, hear me when I tell you that adoption is not for everyone, and know that I am not the one who is trying to guilt you into speaking for a child that was never designed to be a part of your family.

 My true plea is for you to hear what I am saying and be not ok with it either. And to act on your not-ok-iness with the appropriate response for you. Be it prayer, donation, visitation or just a little more research. Just follow God's lead.


Natalie Busch said...

I have always had a heart for adoption. Now is not a realistic time for it, but that is my prayer for my family in the future. I think it is great what you have done for Max. I know it takes a lot of work, but hang in there, you are doing kingdom work.

Shelley Davis said...

Well written Elissa. I am speechless.


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