10 years in, part b

Dear Louisa,
When I think about you, my first reaction is always a smile. Since the beginning, you’ve always been the funny one in the group; the one with the jokes that didn’t quite make sense. I’m so grateful that you have never been above a bit of slapstick humor, but you have been just a bit too dignified for the fart jokes. Thanks for keeping it classy around here.
10 is a big milestone to be sure. While a collection of my friends are bemoaning the loss of their “little” girls, I for one, am sort of excited to step through this doorway with you. I’m excited to see who both you and your sister will become. I’m excited to give you a touch more freedom and responsibility and watch you take charge. Mostly I’m just excited to start taking you on “big girl” dates.  
I love that your plan for birthday week was full of fun things for you to do with the people you love. Instead of making a long list of gifts to receive (just Legos for you this year), you and your sister have been dreaming about ways to include your friends and family in your celebrating. Baking dates with buddies, crocheting dates with Grandma and her friends, dinner dates with your parents and brothers. Ok, I might have made you include your brothers in your dinner plans, they don’t have to know.
You are a sweet girl, and your siblings are so lucky to have you. I think intuitively you already know how important it is for you to be close to your siblings; even the one who is a little more special than normal. The road ahead will be rocky. The friends you make might not always be that trustworthy. But the relationships you’ve managed to cultivate not only with your twin but also with your brothers will keep you afloat through the turbulent years that come. Stick together. You’ll be fine.
Love you big,

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Aleta said...

Awww, she sounds like a real gem! To understand the value of family at such a young age is a treasure!


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