But what of the children...

So I shared a bit earlier this week about a writing contest I’ve entered. In my entry a thief has kidnapped the general’s children and instead of acting on his first impulse, Caligulus seeks wisdom from the Table of Elders about the best way to address the situation.
But what of the children? Here’s a little bonus scene that I cut out of my submission that I thought you might enjoy. 
Alexander shifted his position slightly trying to peak through a crack between planks in the solid oak door.  He rapped on it twice, listening to the heavy thunk, thunk sound his knuckles made as they made contact with the door. He traced the square outline of the tiny opening they’d used to pass his breakfast through an hour ago. He was afraid of what was on the other side of that door. He knew he shouldn’t be, but he couldn’t help it.
He turned his attention back to the slumbering form that shared his cell. She looked so tiny there, lying on a pile of hay like a little field mouse. But he wasn’t fooled. His little sister Ellery was anything but a tiny rodent, all cowering and scared. She might be small for her age, but she had enough personality to fill ten stadiums. Maybe twenty. The people who roamed the hallways were wise to keep a strong lock on that door; lest his sister escape and give them a piece of her mind.
He smiled to himself as he imagined the moment where his sister finally came face to face with her captors. How her fury would lick at them like a flame left unchecked; blistering their eyelids and singeing loose strands of hair.
But if she wasn’t afraid of them, then he certainly wasn’t either. He was older after all. Not much older, but enough. Enough to make him feel like he needed to watch over her. Keep her from killing herself with all her stupid stunts.
Boy she’d gotten them in deep this time, hadn’t she? Up to their necks in who knew what? He had no idea how they’d gotten themselves locked up, or where they even were. Aside from being on the wrong side of a locked jail cell door, that part was a bit obvious.
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