when the words don't come...

There are moments when the words come like a waterfall (whether the timing is convenient or not  - I have a handful of blog posts that were written at stoplights as I drove around town), and then there are moments where I sit in complete, utter silence and ask for my next assignment. Only to hear crickets. Holy, unassuming crickets.
And I can only wonder what’s the sense in that? So like any other writer I:
Check facebook,
do a little blog reading (you know, “research”),
 spend 10 minute crafting a rather clever facebook status.
Flip back and forth between several writing projects uncertain as to what I really want to write about.
And sometimes I just sit. Waiting. Fingertips poised on the keyboard, ready for the fire to ignite. For the jumble of words to work their way to the surface. Knowing that God called me here to this moment of solitude for a reason, and if I wait long enough surely He will have something to tell me, which I can in turn share with you.
Clinging to the truth that my lack of ability to string words together is not a reflection of my skill as a writer.
And that you’ll probably forgive me if I write out an entire blog post without a witty or clever take away.
But in doing so, the fear creeps in. What if the words don’t come. What if my card’s been pulled and my connection to the source has been severed. What if I never hear another word that encourages me to press forth.
If I’m here to write something inspired, why won’t the Maker of Words meet me here in the still quiet of my morning before the crazy hits the fan and I can’t sit down to hear the words again until a full day has gone by?
And then they come. Just before I get mad and start threatening them. Slowly, one by one they appear. The elusive, magical words peek at me from the corners of my periphery. Teasing me with their scattered qualities, taunting me to turn them into something readable. Something that brings life.
And the relief washes over me like a warm bath.
Hello old friends. I knew you would come. What shall we say today? I’m all ears.
Let’s make a rainbow together.
 And don’t hide from me again. I hate when you do that.
Today’s post was sponsored by Grammarly. In addition to pointing my kids to this site to help them with their grammar homework, I use the free grammar checker because my 11 year old has better grammar than I do. No joke. It’s bad.

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