Between the lines part 2

So last year I shared a little “getting to know you”  post full of things that you may or may not have figured out about me as you read between the lines of what I tell you here on this little bloggity.
Well I had a few more to sentiments to share with you. And like all good bloggers I know you only want to pay attention to me for about 90 seconds before you get bored. I’m not offended, I’m the same way.
So in order for me to optimize the amount of time you spend learning about me and my captivating yet humble personality I broke my list into two parts.
Because like most bloggers I probably think I’m way more interesting than I really am. Just stating the obvious.
So since I’ve already used up 28 seconds of your interest I’ll just get on with it. Here you go.
I don’t like talking. At all. But mostly I hate talking in large group settings. Aka more than 4 people. The worst is when someone calls on me like “Elissa you must have something captivating to tell us, don’t you?” Nope. Just listening. I’m a writer, remember? Let me chew on this conversation for about a week and you can hear my feedback in a blog post which I’ll schedule for sometime in late June.
And there’s a lot to be said about the fine art of listening. But that’s a book that will have to write itself on some other day by some other person.
I am a huge fan of world news. Local news generally slides past my “who cares” filter, but I’m all over middle eastern peace conflicts. Like obsessively.
My house is a mess because I hate cleaning. Having a clean house does not make me feel like a beloved child of God, or a productive member of society. It makes me feel cranky. So I pretty much avoid it at all costs.  
I love a good podcast. I even like mediocre ones. So many interesting topics to listen to. Conversations to be a part of where I don’t actually have to say anything. Again with the listening, I know.
I like naps. Long naps, with Macgyver playing in the background.
So there you go.


Aleta said...

I enjoy getting to know you type of posts :)

I like quiet and I don't like talking. I worry about this with my son, because he isn't forming and words and I wonder if it's because I don't talk much :(

And I freeze when in a large group or I disappear into the background :)

Tessy @ Divine Moments said...

Just wanted to say a humble thanks for stopping by my blog. What a fun post! I don't like talking either in that sense. I almost backed out of going to the a retreat this weekend because the idea of a large group of remarkable women always intimidates me. However, it was so worth it. :-) I also despise cleaning but too messy stresses me out as does too organized. On a complete unrelated note. I love your fringy burlap social media buttons.


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