Brain clutter

We’ve implemented a new punishment in our house, it seems to be rather effective. The new rule is, if you don’t finish your dinner you don’t go outside with Daddy. Oh the tears of woe this rule has caused. Last night Annie felt a little rebellious and wouldn’t eat her potatoes. She had a complete melt down as everyone else was getting their shoes on to go out and finally agreed to eat the potatoes. Here’s where the story gets blog worthy. She climbs up to the table, takes a tiny bite of potatoes and gags like she’s eating a worm or something. (She’s the dramatic kid in my family) Then after a series of horrible faces, I caved in and gave her some juice to drink. She gratefully glugs down four big swallows of juice before she can continue. I manage to distract her with the ol’ airplane routine, and she finishes the potatoes with plenty of time to play outside.
Lets see… what other random brain clutter is worth sharing…
Oh yes. I was reading an early childhood ed magazine last night and ran across an article about thinking skills (critical thinking, fluent thinking, and flexible thinking) and how to support creativity with each type of thinking. Look here for the gist of the article:
  • Early Childhood Today article
  • My first reaction was “my kid’s so dang creative, he could probably teach me a thing or two” but as I read the article it got the wheels turning and produced a list about half a page long of activities, stuff I wanted to retouch on and the like. Interesting magazine if you care about pre-k development.

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