More on the mouse.

I sort of expected Jory to get rid of the mouse yesterday morning (like any sane person would have) but clearly I didn’t marry a sane person. He must have been crunched for time before work, because he just set the mouse, trap and all on the railing of the back porch - where the thing could stare at me all day (gee, thanks.) When Jory took the kids outside after supper, I figured he’d do the safe thing, and clean out the trap before the kids found it. But this is Jory we’re talking about. He took the mouse out of the trap, showed it to all the kids (the girls really got a kick out of it, they kept giggling and saying ‘ello mouse!) and gave Alex a mini lesson on mousetraps, and how they work. Thanks babe. I watched the whole lesson from a safe distance, not sure whether to get sick or be thrilled that my children were learning about the facts of life and death, and doing a little close up observation of a critter they normally wouldn’t be close to. He eventually did get rid of it, but not before teasing me with it a little. Double ick.

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