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I am so not ready for June to be almost over. Seriously? I can’t believe we are past the half way point in our summer vacation. In a few short weeks we’ll be gearing up for school to start again. But I’d rather not think about that quite yet.
So what’s new around here. Week one of safety town has come and gone. Both girls love their class. So far the highlight has been riding the go-carts through a little village set up on the playground. They are back for week 2 of Safety town this week. I’m excited to hear more of their stories.
Other than that we’ve been running around like crazy people. In addition to safety town our last week has seen several play dates, a puppet show at the library, with a couple other miscellaneous activities thrown in there for good measure.
I’m busy working on school stuff. The idea of having three in school next year is slightly intimidating, so I’m trying to work ahead. I have a pretty good outline of what will be taught when for both grades. There are a few lessons that still need to be improved upon, so I’m working on my plans for those.
In other news we are starting to enjoy the harvest from our garden. I don’t know if I mentioned it or not, but some critter came along and gobbled up most of our pea plants before they were mature. We had about 6 that survived and are now putting out peas. Which no one will eat but me. But man, are they tasty. Our black raspberries are starting to ripen. Here in the next week I imagine we’ll have some to snack on while we work in the yard.


Dad said...

Slow down, woman. Go to the lake and just sit on the beach. Go to the park and just play on the swings. All of you. Relax.

Mom said...

I agree with Dad.


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