So the last two weeks have been a little frantic trying to get the girls to safety town each morning and accomplish everything else that needed to happen. I’m happy to say that we survived and are happy to be moving a little slower this week. I’m a much happier mama when I don’t have to be out the door by 8:45 in the morning. We have nearly 2 weeks to fully recover before the maelstrom known as VBS hits.
In addition to safety town we had several fun activities. I spent two days helping a friend move. I made most of a dress for sweet Louisa, which may or may not be finished before the end of summer. And the girls had their safety town graduation. To name a few…
We had a fabulous weekend. Friday Jory had the day off, so we spent the day chilling out, not accomplishing a whole lot. Saturday we went to the lake to visit with my parents, my sister and her husband, and my grandmother and uncle. The kids played in the water (even though it was barely 70 degrees). Then we shot off some fire works and played with some sparklers. This year Alex got a kick out of making things go “boom” and all three loved the sparklers.
We ended up buying Annie a new bicycle this weekend. Jory has been wanting to ride bikes to the park that’s about a mile from here. Well poor Annie was riding on a bike that was just too little for her, and was having a hard time keeping up on it. So it was time. Now Jory and Alex are having a hard time keeping up with her. Before too much longer Louisa will be ready to join them. Of course she will also need a “big girl” bike when that time comes.
So this week we have some projects to wrap up (hopefully). I’m trying to finish reshaping my front garden, making it easier to mow around. I think I have one more day with that before I can call it “done for now”. I also want to have my school stuff finished before we start in August. Usually I just sort of plan as I go and pick up new curriculum as I run out. But this year we are planning on having a sweet baby Elizabeth staying with us while her mommy is at work. So I want to have as much done ahead of time as I possibly can. And of course this week will probably see a few play dates and library programs and bike trips to the park.
Oh yes, and we have raspberries.

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