A new sense of normal

Another week has passed in our little corner of the world. I would like to say that this one was easier than the ones that preceeded it. It wasn't. It was full of several new and interesting crises. It seems like crisis mode is becoming my new normal. So the question becomes what happens when a family faces multiple crises several weeks in a row. From where I sit the answer is clear: you get mad, or you get over it. When this particular storm hit several weeks ago I got pretty darned mad. For days I was a seething mess of justified anger. I don't think anyone would have blamed me if I had stayed there. But I didn't. I'm now a proud member of the 'get over it' team. This particular storm has shown me just how much I rely on technology, instead of on God. At the beginning I was quick to get upset when something "critical" stopped working. A few weeks later, I have been known to do a happy dance when something does what I want it to do. Instead of whining when something else breaks, I now offer up thankful prayers when something does work. I am constantly being reminded that I need God as my center and not my own agenda.

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Dad said...

Tell -uh- Louisa (?) that her smile is looking a little forced. (Doesn't really surprise me, with all the stuff that's going on in your life....)


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