This past week has seen its shares of ups and downs. The saga of life without reliable technology continues, but it’s nothing we haven’t learned to live with. In the midst of our technological issues, we have seen a ray of hope and blessing. That blessing comes in the form of friendship. We know that one of the many ways God chooses to bless us is through our friendships, and we’ve gotten a healthy dose this week. This week has seen several get-togethers and play dates, all of which have been a joy. Without them realizing it, our friends have stepped up in a big way. And we are so grateful.
Recently our friend Phill and his daughter Mary traveled to Russia on a mission trip. While they were there, they were able to visit with Max and a few of the other children we met last summer. They brought back pictures and stories from their visit, which they shared with us at a gathering for adopting families. We haven’t had much contact with Max or anyone from the orphanage this fall, so it was really nice to see all of him and his little friends again. It’s nice to know that Max isn’t a figment of my imagination. He really does exist. At the gathering, we were also able to spend some time with a few of the other families who are also adopting. Most of the families live here in town, so we see them pretty regularly, but we were thrilled to reconnect with a family that lives about an hour away who is adopting Igor, Max’s best friend.

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