What I've learned...

This fall we've been studying the old testament heroes in our Bible study. Most of the people in my social network are familiar with Moses and Solomon and the others we learned about in Sunday School. A few people know enough about these characters to know about their flaws and personality quirks. It's not a secret that God uses complete idiots like Gideon to do impossible tasks, but what I've learned this fall is that He isn't finished yet. He's still using flawed people (like me) to do His work. Personally I think we got off easy. No giants or armies to take out, no questionable governments to overthrow. Just a little boy, and an international headache to put him where he belongs.
And guess what? God didn't need reliable technology to do His work. He didn't need it to accomplish His tasks in the Old Testament, and He doesn't need it now either. He knows we've had problems with both computers, cell phone, internet, and television. And He doesn't care, because He doesn't need them.
As far as our adoption proceedings, all is well for the most part. We recently met with our social worker for the first time, she was an absolute joy. She came to the house to have a quick look around and meet with our children. She assured us that even though people look at our financial situation and wonder what we're thinking, our family dynamics are ideal for welcoming a child who may have trouble forming emotional attachments to other people. Maybe we aren't as crazy as I thought we were.
As far as our progress goes, we have a few little tasks to finish in order to complete our home study, and then we're ready to start our dossier, which is a fancy term for more expensive paperwork.

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