Book Review - Problems in Plymoth

This week we are doing a review of the AOI The Imagination Station series. Yesterday we reviewed books #4 Revenge of the Red Knight and book #5: Showdown with the Shepherd . Today we're on to the final book in our series, Problems in Plymouth.
In the story Patrick and Beth travel back in time through Mr. Whittaker's Imagination Station to visit the Pilgrims as they are preparing for the first Thanksgiving. The cousins continue to search for the villain, Hugh, in order to return him to his proper place in time.

Mom says: Perfect timing for a Thanksgiving book! I loved reading this one with my children just as much as I enjoyed reading the others.

Alex (9 years old) says: This book was great for a bedtime story. There were quite a few chapters, so it'll take you quite a while to read. There are even more books coming out, and I can't wait to read the next one, because this was so good.

Annie (7 years old) says: I like it so much I hope they make more. I like the costumes of Beth and Patrick.  I also liked the cover.  I hope they make one about pirates.

Louisa (7 years old) says: I am sad that there was only 6 books in the series. I hope that when the author writes another one that she sends it to us.

If you'd like to hear what we thought of the other books in this series, you can read our past reviews here:
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Please Note: We received this book for review purposes. As always, our opinions are 100% our own

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