Books for girls

The boys have had their fun, now it's time to talk about some literary goodness for girls. My daughters and I have enjoyed a pretty wide spectrum of books that are just too good not to pass on.

Mercy Watson (ages 6+) Mercy Watson is a humorous pig that gets herself into all sorts of amusing situations. This 4 book series is perfect for those who are ready to start chapter books.

Ramona Quimby (ages 7+) It's just hard to be a little girl. From annoying older sisters to tight situations at school, Ramona handles it all with grace and spunk.

American Girls (ages 7+) there are multiple series about multiple girls, the little girl literary goodness goes on and on with these books. They are a fantastic way to get young girls hooked on historical fiction, and keep their attention for a very long time.

The Chocolate Touch (ages 7+) John Midas loves his chocolate, perhaps a little too much. His chocolate obsession gets him into trouble when he gains the ability to turn everything he eats to chocolate.

The Littles (ages 7+) There's just something entertaining about little people living in a big world. This series chronicles the lives of a family of tiny people living in a full sized world. More wholesome adventure for the whole family

Other books for girls that we've enjoyed:
Adventures In Odyssey - The Imagination Station series (ages 6+)


Melissa said...

Oh, another good series is "The Boys vs. The Girls" series. Also unsure of author but both for boys and girls. Younger girls love Junie B. Jones. I also loved Sweet Valley Twins and Sweet Valley High, Babysitters Club, and Ramona Quimby. A really great coming of age book is "Are You There God, It's Me Margaret".

Margaret Almon said...

I loved Ramona Quimby and all of Beverly Cleary's books. I also loved Luvvy and the Girls by Natalie Savage Carlson.


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