A little crafy love for Valentines Day

This year's plan for Valentines day - make something with hearts. Sorry I can't be more specific, I have yet to narrow down my creative options. Here are some that I"m considering:

Melted crayon wax sun catchers: take an old cheese grater and grate up some pink or red crayons (or if you have boys, smash them with a rock like we've been known to do). Place shavings between 2 layers of wax paper, and melt with an iron. When cool, cut into the shape of a heart and hang in the window.

Paint chip mosaic: pick up pink and red paint chips from your local home depot. Cut into squares and use as mosaic tiles on a construction paper heart. Even better? Use a heart shaped craft punch to make your tiles.

Garland: Who doesn't love a festive garland? From colorful paper hearts to felt squares to pink and red beads, the options are only limited by your imagination. I don't know about your kids, but even my bigger kids love to string things.

Beaded hearts: depending on skill level this can be done with craft wire or pipe cleaners. After the child fills his pre-cut section of wire with beads bend it into the shape of a heart, twist the ends of the wire together and hang from light fixture or the ceiling in a cluster.

Heart puffs: for little ones - 2 paper hearts hearts staple about 80% of the way around it, leaving an opening to stuff with tissues or paper towels and staple shut. For older kids use 2 felt hearts and a needle with thread, again leaving a hole for stuffing. Consider either paper towels or batting as stuffing. We've been known to use fabric scraps.

Doily pouches: Take 2 heart shaped doilies and stitch/staple/glue them together depending on whatever sounds like more fun... leave an opening large enough for red and pink treats to sneak into and clip shut. This would also work super well with craft paper or vellum.

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