The triumphant end of a 40 day fast: aka I totally did it.

bang your drum
paint the town red. (Or purple if your name is Louisa)
kick up your heels
let your hair down
live it up
throw up a stink (But don't throw up in the sink, that's just gross)

My 40 days is done. And not a moment too soon.
Throw in my kid's last day of school on Friday, and Mother's Day and it's like the perfect storm. Yes, there is a righteous party happening at this moment in the Peterson house.

So how exactly does one celebrate the end of a 40 day sugar fast? Um. Lets go with carefully. While I'd totally love to make up for lost time with a total sugar binge, I'm thinking for the sake of my stomache, that's probably not the smartest course of action.

I've been planning my welcome back menu for about 2 weeks now. My first indulgences will be  cereal, dried fruit and peanut butter. Not all at once. Yuck. The PBJ can wait until lunch. With kool-aid. Which I don't even really like. But I can drink it, so I'm going to. Maybe.

If I can stomache all that junk I have brownies and ice cream waiting for my dinner. I literally did a little dance in the ice cream row at the grocery store when I picked out my special -just for mom- flavor. You can ask my friend Michele, she was with me. I might also eat something else a little more sustaining for my dinner. Like Ramen noodles. We'll see about that. Clearly the brownies take precident.

And celebrate. Because God is so good. He brings life. Sustains hope. Nourishes, and completes.
He has provided so much. Much more than just junk food. But today, I'm particularly thankful for brownies. And every sweet morsel that enters my mouth today, and for the next few days, will be a celebration of provision and faithfulness. God is so good.

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