Not the problem, but the solution

So how are we all doing? Can anyone say 'compassion fatigue'? Yes, I know I've thrown a lot at you this week. Frankly it makes my head spin too. When I think about the magnitude of these global issues my eyes start to glaze over. I just want to put my head under a pillow and say enough already. I can't fix it, so why bother learning about it. I ask God to break my heart for what breaks his, and when He shows me I sort of wish I hadn't asked. Life was so much easier when my world ended at the edge of my property.

But you know what? God isn't asking me to fix these problems. I'm not a savior. That's His job, not mine. He's just asking me to care. To use what I have, and to be ready to take a stand when the moment comes. And I'm pretty sure that's what he wants from you too.

Yes, fixing the world is impossible by human standards. It is quite impossible to make everybody share their toys and play nice. I can't even get my kids to do that, let alone foreign dictators. But God loves to do things that are impossible.

I can speak from experience. Have you met my son Max? If you haven't heard that story, you can get caught up with this post, and this one too. Let's just say the fact that we have no adoption related debt is totally a miracle.

Anyway. yes. These are God sized problems, and if we focus on the problems themselves we will be overwhelmed and frustrated. Instead we need to focus on the solution. God. He does want to fix the world. And He wants to use you and me to do it. But He can't use you if you don't care. So if you take anything away from this week take this: find something you care about and go after it. Extreme poverty, social injustice, disadvantaged youth, sad puppies whatever. It doesn't really matter. Just choose an issue and pick a side.

Show up. Stand up. Speak up.

Use what you have, and go from there.

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Shelley Davis said...

Well said! We have to be THE hands and feet. HE will use us. But be careful, you might just find yourself enjoying life a little more. There is joy in giving and doing for others. You and I know that we have our little Ruski's.

We too ended up debt free from our adoption. If it is GOD's will then he will provide. Life is full of opportunities.

Thank you for the reminder.



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