Freebie roundup

Well, it's been a crazy summer of freebies around here, hasn't it?

I'm willing to gather that you may have missed a single one of the freebies my friends from Adventures in Odyssey and Focus on the Family productions. It happens. I forgive you.

But as summer stretches ever longer before us, and it's still not time for your angry horde of children to start their school work, I have a peace offering to get you through the home stretch.

I'd like to call it the freebie roundup. All the  free goodies I had to give you this summer all in one tidy post.

If you were thinking of sending me a thank you gift, please make sure chocolate is one of the key ingredients.


A weeks worth of devotions and puzzles from 90 devotions for kids

A 5 chapter preview of Brock Eastman's newest book Unleash, plus some other fun videos my kids got a kick out of.

Book one of the Adventures in Odyssey Imagination station

Summer service toolkit - all sorts of short stories, games and activities for your youngster.

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